Easy SEO Guide: How To Do A DIY Basic Site Audit Without Fancy Tools

People tend to dislike an audit, be it any kind.  When it comes to the SEO audit, the digital marketing professionals might try to complicate the things. However, the truth is that a majority of the big tickets items that have an effect on your SEO are things that you can easily check out on your own to find out where you actually stand and the things that you need to improve the website. According SEO Agencies and SEO companies such as SEO Toronto, the opinion that for this you need the metadata from the messaging.  However, you do not have to be specialist or know any kind of magic for taking SEO Training in Toronto.

Take look at the most important factors to check in your basic SEO site audit.

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Page Titles, URLs, and Description

Even though it is easy, it is going to be a bit tedious. You have to check out each of these things for every page that you will be auditing. The page title, the description, and URLs are the things which appear in Google and the other search engine result pages.

Title- You need to check out if the title contains 40-70 characters. Moreover, it has to be informative and describe the purpose of the content page. It should contain the keyword which you want to rank for.

Description- According to a local Toronto SEO Expert, the description should contain 120-155 characters and has to be informative. This, too, needs to contain the keyword that you want to rank for. Make sure that it intrigues the user to click on your search result.

URL- You have to consider if it is HTTPs as this is more preferred than HTTP throughout the site. This has to be informative and have characters in lowercase. It is better to use hyphens instead of underscores. Make sure that it doesn’t have any unconventional characters. The URLs throughout the website is free of the inconsistent parameters.

Content Quality

Keyword is just the starting point. SEO Toronto mentions that there is much more to the quality of the SEO content than just using the right set of keywords. Consistency, relevancy, and value to the reader are known to be important elements of a good SEO content. While auditing, it is necessary to check out the following factors.

  • Has the keyword been used consistently?
  • Does the content have good keyword density?
  • Does it have both static and dynamic content?
  • Can you share the content?
  • Are you keyword stuffing?

Content Diversity and Quantity

SEO Toronto believes that the amount of content on the website is also an important factor to consider.

  • Does each page have good amount of text?
  • Does it have a good text ratio?
  • Is the content display diverse?
  • Are you capitalizing on the video, text, slides, images, etc?

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Index Ability and Site Structure

As per SEO Toronto, this is a technical territory. However, everything here is simple to look into without the help of the tools.

  • Have the posts, pages, and the properties been mapped properly?
  • Is there an up-to-date and clean sitemap?
  • Does the site have a proper interlinking approach?
  • Is the website free of broken links? Broken links show that your site requires technical optimization.

You do not really a specialist to audit your website, you just need some attention to detail, some time, and an idea where to look. Get more insights on social media, seo and how they can help your business grow by reading this article!