Existing Translations

Please visit [] for a complete list of existing translations

How to Translate Laconica

As with many other Open Source projects, Laconica used gettext for translations. All through the code the strings are inside the gettext translation function eg. _('Register'). This allows Laconica to be translated into any language without the code needing to be modified.

Doing the translations via web is considered the most easy way of doing it. We have implemented a system completely web-based on which you can do all your work, and collaborate with other translators working on the same language as you.

You can create an account and log in to the system at []

==Testing your translation== Feel free to test your translations on the staging sever, its not perfect yet so please post your experiences there. []

There’s a mistake in an existing translation:

Use the web-based system (see above) to change the string on the language with the error.


Any questions feel free to send a message to the laconica-i18n list ] or developers list