• choqoK – KDE Mono-Blogging Client, Currently supports and services.
  • GNOME Do – Works with both Gnome and KDE. A launcher (inspired by Quicksilver for Mac OS) with support for sending and receiving posts to/from and Twitter.
  • Gwibber – Works with and Twitter. Merges the timeline into one.

Mac OS

  • Twitterrific – See how to make Twitterrific work with Laconica.


Adobe AIR

  • IdentiTwitch – Supports and Twitter. Combines updates into a single timeline. Update one or both services with one click.
  • Posty – Supports, Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, Tumblr and FriendFeed.
  • Spaz – Open Source. Read how to make Spaz work with Laconica.
  • Twhirl – Supports, Twitter, FriendFeed, Seesmic.
  • Twitterified – Supports, Twitter, TWiT Army, and Linux Infusion. Combines updates into a single timeline.

Firefox extensions

  • Identifox – Extension for Firefox.
  • Ubiquity – The Ubiquity Firefox extension supports several different Laconica related commands.
  • Idiquity supports any installation. There is also a Ubiquity command for (Read about below)
  • Laconica Bar – Laconica Bar allows one to post directly from the URL bar to any Laconica server that supports a Twitter api.

Extension for text editors

  • TwitVim – Vim plugin. After installation, see @@:help twitvim_api_root@@ for instructions.
  • Identica-mode – Emacs mode.


  • Witty – see how to make Witty work with Laconica.

Web Apps


  • HelloTxt – Post updates to and other services.
  • – Post updates to and other services. PingFire is a Firefox extension for
  • Pixlpipe Post messages and media to over 50 different services simultaneously trough the website, e-mail, or one of a number of free apps (for media).
  • – Post updates to and other services. Beta code: identicapublictimeln
  • PostLater – Schedule future-dated status updates for any based site and many others. Also supports recurring entries. Costs $9.95 a month!
  • twitterfeed – Automatically update your or Twitter account from any (RSS or Atom) feed.
  • Pingvine – Automatically update your or Twitter account from any (RSS or Atom) feed.
  • WebDevStudio’s to Twitter tool – Automatically forwards anything you post on to Twitter, with a customizable flag.
  • OpenMicroBlogging Facebook app – Automatically update Facebook via OMB
  •’s Facebook app – Automatically update Facebook with your latest notices, post to from Facebook, etc.
  • Laconica Tools WordPress Plugin – Sends updates to a Laconica server when publishing a new post with the post title and permalink

Life streams and online ID managers

  • DandyID
  • FriendFeed
  • SocialWhois
  • Storytlr
  • Whoisi

URL shortening

  • Cligs – Shorten URLs and post them directly to or Twitter. With statistics.
  • – Shorten URLs and post them directly to (if you use the bookmarklet) or Twitter. With statistics.
  • Serph – Searches many sources, including, for names.
  • Social Mention – Searches trough many categories of social media content. It’s microblogging search includes and Twitter.
  • TweetScan – Search Twitter,, and other Laconica-based services.
  • Twingly Microblog Search – Search, Twitter, Jaiku, Bleeper, Bloggy, and Pownce.
  • WhosTalkin? Search engine for “Web 2.0”. Searches trough blogs, microblogs (including Twitter and, news sites, social networks, etc.


  • Blippr – Discuss, discover, and organize media. Autopost your newest mini-reviews to
  • PeopleBrowser – Partial integration. You have to log in with your Twitter or Google account. Looks like they will support OpenID sometime.
  • PicPostr – Email photos from your phone and have the link posted to your account. Supports and Twitter.
  • Pikchur – Send pictures from your mobile phone or e-mail directly to, Twitter, and other services.
  • retaggr – Creates an embeddable “Profile Card” with a list of all your accounts on different services.
  • SocialToo
  • switchAbit – Sends messages from one service/feed to one or many others. Can be automatic or on a post-by-post basis. Supports, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Jaiku, Omeego, Tumblr, WordPress?, and Feeds. If you want to automatically crosspost on Twitter and a Laconica install (like you should use Laconica’s built in function for this, because switchAbit is quite slow.
  • Tweenky – Read and post tweets/dents. Kindof an online client. @tweenky, developer: derek.
  • Tweetmeme – Soon, hopefully.
  • Tweetstats – Soon, hopefully.
  • Twellow – A “Yellow pages” for persons on social websites. Partial integration. You can add your a link to your profile, but you have to log in via your Twitter credentials.
  • Yokway – Post questions and recommendations to and other services.

Jabber (IM)

  • (Identispy) laconica @ – Jabber bot to track any words and notify you by IM when anyone utters them on Msg it with “help” or see


  • RyghSMS – Norwegian service to send SMS to Twitter and Contact @rygh or @ryghsms.
  • Twibble Mobile – For Java enabled smartphones including Nokia, Blackberry, and Sony-Ericsson.


  • Twidroid
  • Twitlit – Client with support for translation of 34 languages trough Google translation. Supports Twitter and Laconica.


  • LaTwit – Works with, any other laconica install and Twitter.
  • moconica – Works with any and laconica install.
  • Royale With Cheese – Works with and Twitter.
  • Twittelator – Works with and Twitter.

Windows Mobile

  • pocketwit – Support for multiple twitter and accounts.

Badges, Widgets, Plugins

  • badge by Kent Brewster.
  • badge (php only) by Michael Gangolf (features: show/hide friends in feed, show/hide at-replies in feed)
  • Movable Type Action Stream plugin by John Eckman.
  • WordIdentica – WordPress plugin. Pings when you publish a new post on your blog.
  • Twitter API module for Drupal – support in progress
  • Distributed Micro-blogging for Drupal – openmicroblogging for Drupal, Knight Drupal Initiative


  • BeTwittered Identica – read and post updates from iGoogle.



  • rssdent – sends an RSS (or Atom) feed to Uses to shorten URLs. Supports hashtags.


  • Net::Laconica – Perl extension for fetching from, and sending notices/messages to Laconica instances. The module’s CPAN page


  • feed2omb – Automatically post from Atom/RSS feeds. A ‘Twitterfeed’ for those who prefer autonomy.
  • dentical – Right now takes the fridge calendar and posts it to a test identica account


  • – Simple console-based posting client.
  • MythTV posting to Laconica – Add a simple userjob to MythTV to post your recordings.
  • Identibash – simple Laconica CLI client. Posts and views the public timeline


  • Tools – An inclusive project store for small projects that supplement your experience. Project’s hosted here are:
    • smsToLaconica
    • feed2omb
    • Identiger – RSS filter to display timelines in Liferea