Setup Notes


  • PEAR::Validate (‘pear install validate’)
  • PEAR::DB_DataObject (‘pear install db_dataobject’)
  • PEAR::Mail
  • PEAR::Net_SMTP
  • XMPPHP –
  • php-openid-2.1.1 –
  • OAuth.php –
  • markdown.php

Edit the config.php and add the external library paths to the $extra_path array().

Also be sure to change the $config['db']['database'] and $config['db']['ini_your_db_name'] lines.

chmod 777 on ~/avatar

Distribution related Notes

  • Debian/Etch provides php-5.2.0, which has no sys_get_temp_dir(); so use the function at the comments at and include it with e.g. include(INSTALLDIR . ‘/extlib/get_temp_dir.php’); in config.php
  • Debian/Etch also comes without GMP support compiled into php, which you need to use the OpenID functionality. You have to recompile php with this module included, see for example
  • doesn’t work on PHP 5.1.6. The XMLWriter libraries are missing some functions.

Translations on Debian/Ubuntu

For the translations to work on Debian-based systems, you must have the relevant locales installed at system level in order for Laconica to be able to reliably set and use them. You can see which you currently have installed using the following command:

locale -a

For example, if you want the French (fr_FR) language translation to work, you need to see fr_FR.utf8 in that list. If it’s not there, you can add it using the following:

Debian: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales (and then select fr_FR.utf8 from the list) Ubuntu: locale-gen fr_FR.UTF-8

In both cases, you need to restart Apache after installing the new locale for the change to take effect.


Laconica can interact with users via IM (Jabber/XMPP). To do this, you need to run the xmppdaemon.php from commandline/shell. Logging goes to syslog. The config.php XMPP section needs to describe a Jabber account that exists (ie. we don’t auto-create it).

Hosting specific installation notes

  • for federation allow_url_fopen=on in php, which is off on many shared hosting sites.
  • kentbrewster’s identica-badge calls needs the json php extension, which is not compiled in older versions of php
  • LaconicaOnDreamhost
  • OlderApacheRegExFix

System specific notes

  • MacOSX
  • Postfix